Tarot Readings – September

I was sitting here relaxing and listening to some tarot readings on YouTube for shits and giggles, and became inspired to do some light, one-carders for the month of September for all signs. The deck I’m using is the traditional Rider-Waite deck for anyone who is into imagery. These are general readings so they may not apply to everyone. Check your Sun, Moon, and rising sign to get the most out of them. ūüôā

Aries –¬†Strength. Lol. This is such a typical Aries card. “Strength” can represent a lot of different things, but my gut feeling was that many Aries will be maturing during this month of September, learning to quell their generally spitfire or blunt nature and being more tactful and patient. You may be getting over a sickness and regaining your literal physical strength back as well, or having to gently remind someone who’s the “boss” in your dynamic.

Taurus –¬†Knight of Cups. I just feel lazy and gentle seeing this card. Taurus this month will probably be having conversations about their future dreams and goals, conversations over drinks, conversations while relaxing on the sofa, doing things you enjoy. Hopefully this month will feel so easy going for you. I also get the feeling you are wanting to approach someone and may do so in a more subtle way vs. your more heavy and direct style.

Gemini¬†– 3 of Wands Reversed. Geminis may find themselves frustrated with work and project endeavors not moving as quickly as they need or anticipated. That’s no surprise seeing as how it’s Virgo season, and all that mute, contained energy clashes with Gemini’s external expression (Side note: Gemini and Virgo are both mutable signs ruled by Mercury, ergo in a 360 degree birth chart they would square.)¬†Your expectations this month may delay panning out or not at all.

Cancer – 5 of Pentacles. Cancers may have some health and financial concerns this month when this card appears, or someone you know will have them. You may find yourself needing help this month but have no one to rely on. Another angle of this card is you simply might be missing someone you used to be / are close with and haven’t seen in a long time as well.

Leo –¬†Queen of Cups. Leo, Leo, Leo. I see you as being very nurturing this month with this card as a representation. I see you appreciating what you have this month and recognizing the value of what you have / what surrounds you. You are also expecting something this month but with a much longer spectrum of patience than Gemini.

Virgo¬†– Knight of Pentacles. Can’t say I’m surprised Virgo. The only other card more fitting would be the King of Pentacles. You are expecting news regarding a work or financial matter this month, and are focused on finishing a rewarding project. I also feel you are working with a partner on this project but perhaps have yet to hear from them. You may also be focused on practical tasks like cleaning and long-term goals. Typical for you to always have your nose to the grindstone or with extreme attention to detail.

Libra – 7 of Cups. Okay, I’m dying a little bit because how is this NOT fitting for a Libra? All the best choices and too indecisive to pick. Libra you may be trying to fool someone this month so that they don’t see you or the situation as it really is, or you may be getting fooled. You may be avoiding the ugly truth so you can enjoy the fantasy a little longer. It’s time to take off the rose colored glasses and call a spade, a spade.

Scorpio – Page of Swords. Scorpio, your skill of acute observation will serve you this month when you overhear some important information that would benefit others. I feel you as being on the lookout at this time (but really as a Scorpio – when are you not?)¬†It’s not entirely tied to the card but I feel there will be a shift in your loyalty this month, as if in your realm a new person has taken over and this change has been long awaited.

Sagittarius¬†– The Tower. YIKES, man. It’s a good thing a Sagittarius always lands on their feet because BIG changes are coming your way this month! I haven’t drawn The Tower card in a very long time, but I already know one of my Sagittarius friends is going through an unexpected transfer. You may find yourself throwing out things or people you thought you’d keep forever and starting over, or having a realization about a situation or pattern that’s happened over and over in your life. Whatever it is, transformation isn’t a bad thing and you’re built to roll with it.

Capricorn – 8 of Swords. Getting a mix here, Capricorn. It seems either you’re making someone feel insecure or you feel insecure with all the overthinking you do. You feel you don’t have enough of what you need right now, but that’s not true. You at least have your mind which is pretty sharp. It’s imperative you realize what’s important and forget the rest. No time to focus on silly hang ups right now.

Aquarius¬†– 2 of Pentacles. Ironically, not a ton going on for you this month. You’ve recently started a new long-term endeavor and are now getting into the swing of things. You may find yourself needing a few extra hands to help, but otherwise you have it handled. You may have two good offers come your way this month regarding income and not know which one to choose or try to do both.

Pisces –¬†Ace of Pentacles. Funny I was just thinking of this card in regards to Aquarius’ reading. Pisces, you will currently be enjoying a fresh start or new chapter in your life. Some of you may have had a baby recently or will have a baby this month. Others may feel refreshed after having done things for others for such a long time. You have finally given yourself permission to focus on your own life and the things you enjoy this month.¬†



Wow, WordPress. Here I am yet again. Back to blogging about dumb guys, new and old friends, and my challenging climb to a stable career. Little things still bother me, and I am ever closer to Nirvana, or self-acceptance. I haven’t had a serious relationship yet, but I’m 30 hours away from earning my Bachelor’s. I still live in Oklahoma, but I no longer spend my energy doing things I don’t want to do, or being around people I don’t want to be around. I’m $10,000 in debt, and now about $20,000 since I bought a new car a little less than a month ago, but I make my payments on time and have a plan for the future so I won’t be drowning. I have four people who mean the world to me and I keep my apartment nice and tidy. I fight for the underdogs and I call out the people who get on my nerves. I don’t hold back anymore but I also am not fighting for attention and appreciate what it means to respect myself.¬†I’ve learned what someone wasting my time looks like and have learned how to move on from it. I’m excited for the next chapter in my life, moving to a bigger city, and meeting new people and using what I’ve learned so far to have more meaningful interactions. I’m 28 and I wouldn’t have it any other way.¬†‚̧