This (CW: Portland Train Attacks)

Finally Someone Said It.

I have had these thoughts for a week now about the Portland Train stabbings, and while I’m deeply saddened two men lost their lives protecting innocent people from an obvious lunatic, I found myself resenting the media for slacking. I shouldn’t be surprised. The media is fucked up in many ways. However, I couldn’t help but intuit the fact our President, a cis hetero white garbage, is hated now more than ever and then here comes along the seemingly perfect story where two white men died trying to save other people. As if to say, “See, we’re not so bad.” This isn’t criticizing the brave and courageous men who stood up for what they believe in – THAT part is beautiful and tragic. This is about the media immortalizes them but denies that same acknowledgment to PoC. How many times have PoC stood up to defend one of their own and died for it? How many times will they have to until the media respects them enough to cover it?


Link to donate towards helping these two girls get the mental health care they need and provide adequate transportation as they don’t feel safe riding the MAX train in Portland anymore.


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